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well, my sage xi2 (9'6" 7wt)came in, and it is far and away the nicest piece of gear I own. It matches up well with the galvan rush, which I continue to marvel at for its price.
the setup casts an airflo floater pretty well. The rod is much livelier than I expected. The "ultra-fast" reports I had heard made me a little scared it would be a plank, but there is a high degree of line feel. Anyway, I can cast a good deal further with this rod than I ever have before - I had the backing in my hands and a fish was not responsible (sadly).
I did manage a small pickerel on my first wet-trial with rod. It took a popper as my daughter looked on from her stroller.
Looking forward to more fishing with my new canoe/lake/schoolie rod.
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