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Originally Posted by bonehead
My crabs now consist of a tuft of marabou, three strands of yarn, mini-lead eyes and a weedguard. So simple it's stupid, but it works. It's all in the way you move it.
I recently came to the same conclusion about marabou. While in Acklins I developed a variation of Bob Berquist's variation of the Turneffe Crab using mottled marabou (substitute base fluff from grizzly hackle).

I do bother with the bead eyes, and madam X some legs but then instead of the time-consuming spun deer I tie a tuft of mottled marabou for a shell and tie another.

Bob developed the "Acklins Crab" variation of the Turneffe Crab with elk hair. After a discussion with him in Delectable Bay at Felton's I tied up some of my "grizzly crabs" and they were key in my success when I needed a crab fly. In fact it was the only crab fly I needed for the rest of the week.

Marabou compresses to nothing while casting then puffs out to a very active and mobile profile even while at rest and that's why I went to it as well.

Your description of the strip and tip to tight sent shivers up my spine as it was just how I recall my own luck with a marabou crab.

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