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RE:Why don't I host a NEC clave?

Two questions:

(1) Can we get a count of who is interested in joining 50 or more worldwide anglers at the Catskills in this epic event this spring? I am considering it. The freinds you make at these events can amount to some great connections and adventures over the years to follow.

OK the other is a comment...

The NEC is a huge event that is held by a large international flyfishing group referred to as flyfish@... because it's a LISTSERV group. We call it FF@ for short, some of you may have seen the bumper sticker on my truck.

By hosting NEC on the Cape in 2002, we could have 50, 60 or more people coming from all over creation to experience our coastal fishery. Most are trout anglers, so you can imagine the thrill they will encounter. We will be somewhat revolutionary in bringing a new twist to the tradition of the event, and bringing a great population of fly anglers into our circle of friends - as well as bringing our friendship into their community. People from FF@ are deeply involved with the flyfishing culture, and I am sure they will return all of our hospitality in the FF tradition.

As Forum members, I hope you feel compelled to welcome these friends to our neck of the woods.

My only regret for this is - 2002 is so far away! It will give us time to plan though. The best thing is to assign a "Host Committee" sometime during the coming year. I will investigate an earlier schedule (i.e. 2001).

I know Luis is saying "no - lake placid!" Already been done my dear friend! I understand your POV and don't want to disrupt anything but hasn't NEC seen it's share of bitty bug eating fishies over the last 7 years?
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