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"Not all the fish are on the bunker, schoolies are very focused on them and although there are cows among them to pick one out from the crowd has been difficult at best. All of the keepers encountered (clients) have come from other clans hunting sand eels, which are also plentiful with the exception of isolated schools of 3" bunker on one evening flood tide that had a lot of attention from big fish, and some crab action on Monomoy earlier in the month."

Interesting observation, and it squares with what I saw in August. I fished some Bayside beaches during the last half of August for almost two weeks straight and had lots of peanuts and tons (TONS!!) of little fish after them. Fish after fish, but nary a decent sized bass among them. Bunker were spraying everywhere, and there were blitzes and boils in 1 foot of water. But then, at the mouth of creek that spills out onto the beach I was fishing, I ran into a bait guy cleaning four keepers he'd caught on clams the night before. Not one had a peanut bunker in its stomah, but they were all filled with little crabs and a few sandeels. Maybe the peanuts are like what Swisher and Richards used to call a "masking hatch" on a trout stream -- predominant food source that fools you into missing out on what they are really feeding on. It is possible, of course, that these were resident river fish on crabs, with a diet different from the open water fish (which were blitzing maybe 3/4 mile from the creek mouth) but I didn't see a fish over 22" in the bunker blitzes. Still fun though, especially with gurglers, poppers and the like.
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