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RE:Why don't I host a NEC clave?

> Juro: sounds like a good idea. Only thing is that the FF@
> NEC is held once a year and this year and next are taken
> care of (this year = Catskill; 2001 = L. Placid). If you
> go to this year's NEC, I'm sure you could convince a whole
> bunch of people that it's a great idea.

Hmm... 2002 is out there a bit but should be OK... if I gotta go out there to secure people's interests, so be it.

> What kind of
> timing are you suggesting. NECs usually attract a
> good 60 or even 70 people these days, and these guys are
> used to spring claves(May/June).

Perfect timing for stripers on Cape Cod! It will be an epic clave.

> July is a risky
> proposition because of peoples family vacations. Then
> you gotta think about where everyone will stay. Need to
> secure a campground early plus alternative posher
> accommodations for those who can't/won't camp.

Brewster's Nickerson State Park, or Washburn Island Wildlife Refuge (requires boats). Nickerson has 5 trout ponds, some of the best in the state - in addition to the big game coastal fishing nearby. The "posher" can choose from a seemingly infinite variety of places to stay on the hotel / motel mecca known as Cape Cod. In fact we could all stay in hotels on a shoestring if we split rooms.

> Of course, the idea is for everyone to hang around the
> same site when not fishing since that's what makes
> claving interesting.

Of course.

60-70 people! Aye Carumba!
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