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That's a loaded question. Stiffer rods will generally cast better long distances because they can handle more line better. Longer rods will also allow you to cast farther. Shooting tapers which have short, heavy heads, and long, thin running lines are the best casters, but for the fishing you're doing, I'd just stick with a weight forward floating line. Are you going after bass? They make bass bug tapers that are specifically made for turning over big, heavy flies. Also, generally you need a 5 weight or heavier to really get good distance out of it. Heavier lines will also hold up in the wind better.

Sinking line is usually harder to cast long distances because of its weight.

In the end though, the biggest differential is going to be the caster. You should practice as much as you can. A good caster with a 7 ft 1 wt rod can outcast a poor caster with a 6 wt 10 ft rod.
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