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Dawn low is probably my favorite this time of year. Sight fishing is not as important (compared to summer months) when you'd want a different phase. Because of lots of bunker and the fish's urgency to feed for the migration the visuals are surface disruptions and bird mania, and even when unseen the lurkers are willing. On the previous low AM cycle we cleaned house on Brewster Flats.

Two notes and the rest via PM...

Not all the fish are on the bunker, schoolies are very focused on them and although there are cows among them to pick one out from the crowd has been difficult at best. All of the keepers encountered (clients) have come from other clans hunting sand eels, which are also plentiful with the exception of isolated schools of 3" bunker on one evening flood tide that had a lot of attention from big fish, and some crab action on Monomoy earlier in the month.

Even when it does not appear that they are there, unless the forage has been gone for a couple of tide cycles the fish are very much there. In fact my clients can attest to the presence of nervous water during what seemed to be off times which were in fact shoals of large bass in the shallows.

In summary, it's been really good but you need to tune into them.

Look for a PM...
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