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Well, I've just arrived home after 30 hrs travel. Glad to be back home but sad that my time on the Cape with such a great bunch of guys was so short.

Thanks Terry for organising one of the best trips I've been on. Thanks to all the Spring Clavers for making me feel so welcome.

I'm kinda sorry I left on Sunday - I got spooked by the weather. By the time I had decided to leave and had gone back to the motel to pack and change my flights, the fog was starting to burn-off and the day was beginning to look half reasonable. Lesson learned - if you don't like the Cape weather, just wait a minute!

The Saturday King River ebbw session was magic! After landing my first fish (450mm or 20") on my third cast, I had a feeling the long journey was going to be worth it. Twenty fish later and my intro to the "south side" and claving was complete. Witnessing "the Pope" in full-cry, wielding a popper, was an individual highlight.

In summary, great location, great comraderie (sp?) and some fishing tales that the guys back here won't believe.

Thanks again Terry and everyone. Anyone for a Great Barrier Reef Clave?


PS Its amazing the number of people who come up to you and start a conversation when you carry a rod tube through an airport!
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