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line issues

can be a possible problem. but very rare circumstance. most of my tangles come from flycasting and having stripping line in my lap line sometimes wrap around a pedal. its not often and usually when im not thinking where my strips are being placed. rarely has line got caught under peddle system under hull and only with a slack line and a sharp turn of the boat where i run over my slack line. actually its an easy fix as the peddle system lifts out quite easily and the line drops back. the peddle system has never cranked up the line like you are thinking and best prevention of any of this is with one foot forward the skull fins are flush to the hull. only catastrophe is hooking fly on stern handle or rudder. dont try to fix it on the water or you will learn that even an outback can turtle itself with crawling back there. best to cut the tippet or go to shore for this untanglement. i think this is same story for any yak with a rear handle or a rudder. i love my outback but if your not fat like me look at the hobie adventure, as it tracks a whole lot better and still pretty stable. the peddle system all in all is very sturdy and flawless construction in my opinion as owner for 2 years now. you can go for absolute miles in these things without ever getting tired as the muscles in legs are generally much bigger and in much better shape for low impact aerobic movements. (same resistance as walking). you may find yourself only paddling to go in reverse and when its time to beach her, otherwise its a very comfortable peddle anytime. pm if you want to know any more specifics.
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