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Now that I've finished helping my wife move the perennial (sp?) garden in 90 degree heat, D'OH, I'm back. Got to meet & fish with a few more Clavers: Bob P, Tom D, & I nice guy from down-under. Met Sully before (at the Malborough Show), but had never fished with him. Al & I did fairly well with fish ranging from micros in the river, to mid-sized fish off the mouth, to one good sized fish off Hiannis Port. Also, a good mix of Fly & spin caught fish. And we both caught on some flies that Al had tied.

Lessons learned:

(1) Bass River is a beautiful place.
(2) Anchors work better when attached to a rope.
(3) Running line shoots better when your not standing on it.
(4) In May, mid sized stripers like to hang in eel grass covered sand bars at river mouths.
(5) Bigger stripers (28") like to run deep near the red bell off Hiannis Port.
(6) When retieving your boat at a ramp in a swift current, come up-current.
(7) Clancey's Fried Oysters are very good.

Good show Terry!

Can't wait for June 10th!
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