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I am not worthy! Well maybe I am.

Winter is officialy over. YEA!

You did a fantastic job and I am eternally greatful to you for my best season opener ever bar none. Everything was perfect soup(or lasagna) to nuts.

A monster thank you for Saturday aboard Double Happiness. I think I know how your craft got it's name. Where do you mount that fish magnet anyway? [img]" border="0" align="middle">

Al"Lasagna Meister"& Greg,
Thanks for the entertainment. <img src="" border="0" align="middle">And everything else.

Thanks for putting up this board and bringing this great group together. Great call on Clancy's what a feed!

Hawkeye "Grand Wandmaster Extraordinaire",
If I could cast half as well as you I'd be a happy man for life.

Thanks for the body piercing. Now I can fit in with a whole new crowd. Just kidding. <img src="[/img]

TomD, JimW, Ken, and everyone (sorry if I left out any names)thanks for the comradiere. It was great to meet you all.


Friday - 8-10 schoolies micro to 16" at the "Anchor Hole" formally known as "Across the river by the golf course hole".

Saturday - Down river aboard DH with Captain Bob. Enter the channel to a picket fence of clavers with doubled over rods.
First cast bump & miss, keep that retrieve coming and BOOM! Screeching drag and about five minutes later a solid 28" linebacker is boatside. Next drift and the Captain displays how it's done with the long wand. Several more drifts and several more fish we slide down to the mouth and the action continues out in the sea grass.

We moved down the coast to check out a possible lead without much success. Picked up one fish at Cotuit (beatiful spot) and headed back. On the way back a few birds were working the surface which turned out to be a large school of bass filling the water column top to bottom. Not stop action for better than an hour my guesstimate.

Sunday - Nasty east wind! After conseeding a possible skunk for the day I picked up two schoolies on a troll back to the camp with the Honorable Clavemeister.

Thanks again Terry and All!
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