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All hail the clavemiester...

Thanks agin Terry for the opportunity to share a beautiful part of the cape from your family digs. I was trying to describe how beautiful that bay is behind the house at supper tonight but I WAS TOO DAMN TIRED from Juro's snoring to think straight... Just getting on you Juro, can't give you grief about your fishing, that's for sure.
A saturday am sight to behold when we got the boat down to the mouth of the river to see what appeared to be 11 fly rods bent double with fish on...
For the record, ssully (the boat beast) was all over the fish on Saturday off of Hyannis, he spotted the birds and brought us into the biggest single school of fish I've ever seen on the south side. He was not to be denied.
A clave guest from Australia, Al_D's version of "Anchors Away" and the Hawkeye with the papal wave acknowledging his mastery of the craft.
The 'clave sprit lives on,

Thanks Terry!
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