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components- what REALLY matters?

Hi all- just finished my first rod - a cheapy - turned out ok - It was a forecast from Hook & Hackle and the components seem fine to me, but hey, what do I know?

So I ordered a Dan Craft FT 9' 5wt and am thinking about sticking on a component kit from Hook & Hackle.

But fefore I do that I'd like to know If I would be screwing up to do so.

I want decent guides so I can chuck it some distance. I don't care about looks. I want it to cast good and I don't want to take away from the performance of the blank. But I don't want to spend even 20 bucks extra if its not going to matter all that much. There are several rods I need to build and I don't want to shoot my entire wad on just one.

I want to keep it light - so I'm gonna use single-foot guides

Whats the bottom line? What really matters? Or maybe I should re-phrase it like this...Is there any absolute JUNK you would absolutely stay away from? (Including cork, reel seet etc.)

Should I oversize? Use Sic, Titanium Gold, Hialoy? Or is there anyone out there who can tell me - Hey, its all a bunch of hogwash. I'm begining to think its all mostly hype and most of it doesnt matter that much in the real world. (as if fly fishing has anything to do with the real world)

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