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What a GREAT start to the season. Thanks Terry for spearheading this thing and thanks to all the attendees for adding your personal bits to the experience. I was thinking the night before the clave, when I was having trouble getting to sleep, that if I were just going fishing I would not be so excited. The difference was that I was going fishing with a great bunch of guys and I was going to learn, laugh, tie wind knots, and share fish stories with them. The clave was all that and more.

My stats for the clave:

33 Saturday up to about 26"
5 Sunday up to about 22" (includes one shad)
About 15 wind knots (they were depressingly simple - I must be losing my touch.)
Lost count of the many good laughs.
One valuable fly tying lesson.
My first bass on a fly popper
My first shad on a fly
One great meal and conversation at Clancy's
One experience of kicking myself (If I had only hung on for a bit longer the weather would have changed)
and one totaly new experience - being elected clave Pope, I don't know what my duties were but I hope I fulfilled them.

Thanks again to everyone. I can't wait till the Monomoy clave.
Tight Lines,

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