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AUS bloke needs help please, selecting a SAGE rod

Hi There,
This is my first post, so, a big Hello to everyone from down under.

I have been fly-fishing over 5 years now, although there is a serious draught going on in Aus, not much water left in damns to fish anymore. Of to New Zealand that’s why occasionally.
Anyways, it is time for me to get a decent rod & reel combo, as the current one I use is middle range product.

I would like to buy a SAGE brand rod purely because I heard a good things about it and my friends brand of choice, however, bit confused about the model.

I will be fishing with this rod mostly in New Zealand, large rivers or lakes, where many big trouts live.

I think I need 7 or 8wt line/rod.
I like the fast action,
Fresh water only,
Length around 9'6'' and 10'0''
3 or 4 piece, single handed
I will buy this rod from US, possibly ebay, as these rods cost fortune in AUS. I accept that lifetime warranty will only work in US
Fishing for trouts anywhere between 4-20lb
Either dry or wet flies

I have been looking at Sage website and found below rods may be suitable,

796-4 XP, 7100-4 XP, 896-4 XP, 8100-4 XP
7100-4 TCR, 890-4 TCR
796-4 SLT, 7100-4 SLT, 896-4 SLT, 8100-4 SLT

I have very limited experience with Sage rods, and haven’t had a chance to read great deal of reviews about above models.

Can you please suggest which would be the best suitable for my case?

Also, it will be great to hear a suitable reel for your suggestion.

Thanks for your help


Max Ungun

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