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Originally Posted by GregD

I was going to mention balance is also a key aspect of wading safely. Being able to recover when your foot slips to a new position and keep your balance could save you from getting flushed down river. Tai Chi or Yoga can help with core strength and balance tremendously. Ice skating is pretty good too.

Physical strength alone is not enough in my opinion. Both provide some other benefits, Hot Yoga like Baron Baptiste's is amazing for energy development and increase range of motion in addition to improved balance. The heat along with stretching can help improve range of motion from old injuries in a significant way.

Tight Lines.
Thanks Greg for your comments. I do the balance board and the dumbell exercise mentioned above specifically with the balance aspect in mind. Tai Chi, and to a lesser extent Yoga, are two that I'm aware will help but there's only so much time. I try to get into some stretching, by the way, mainly so I don't cause injury during the weight exercises.
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