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RE:Spring Run Clave Update

With a seemingly early season on the way, the mornings / evenings could be best spent on the bayside enjoying the ebb and exposure of flats near the Brewster herring runs. I volunteer to show a few folks around on that one if people don't mind the fact that winter may have changed the whole face of the area around and it may be a bit early for bayside antics.

The sound side that time of year will be loaded with fish even for mid-day highs. They'll be there but the question is will they turn it on for a mid-day blitz? I have found them sitting in huge pods in deep holes and could only raise them if I put it right into the pod. None would swim for the fly if you missed the edge by 15 feet. Another day they would only hit poppers. You could see them rafting mid-depth and nothing would get them turned on... but if you popped a banger over them they'd hit it every time.

Terry - don't forget the Stage island channel inside the mouth of Bass River on the W.Dennis beach side, it's a great schoolie hang out around the top of the tide. I'd also recommend spreading out to increase the odds, then rendezvous for lunch to report to each other.

Biggest chances for *large* spring fish in that immediate area include mouth of herring river on outgoing, bayside herring holes, Seagull beach / Parkers river mouth, Stage light inlet at 3am - daybreak, and I'll wait on the rest for private discussions

Hopefully I'll provide additional bunks... gotta work out sibling rivalries, et. al. before I commit to it to avoid false promises.

THANKS for all the work Terry!
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