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Spring Run Clave Update

Well we're 1 month out and things are getting rolling, so I figured it's time to get some items out to the debating society.

<font size="3"><b>1. </font><!--3--></b>The 2 camps we have going so far are organizing off line with their assigned guests as far as food planning, bedding etc. That's going well and everyone is offering to help.

<font size="3"><b>2. </font><!--3--></b> We are currently short 1 bunk, we've just added the fabulous Estey's brothers and could use
another bunk. Due to a cancellation, there is one left in Pocasset, but would be nice to keep the 2
brothers under one roof. Ideas?

<font size="3"><b>3. </font><!--3--></b>I've checked with the Town Hall and Police of Dennis and found W. Dennis Beach to be open
round the clock. I propose we make this the Anchor Location for Clave gatherings. We can fish the
Jetty there, the beach is productive before sunrise, and boats from my place can come down river
and hook up with shore bounders if they want to get out on a boat. Then we can fan out from there.

<font size="3"><b>4. </font><!--3--></b>Day 2: we could plan out Sunday's fishing at dinner Sat. night. based on our results. A north side trip would be nice, Barnstable Harbor, Sesuit etc.

<font size="3"><b>5. </font><!--3--></b>As stated before I need to try and keep the traffic down at my cottage. As of now I'm looking at a
1/2 dozen cars and up to 4 boats/trailers. Carpooling would help. I will avoid a big gathering there.
That's what Sat. night is for at Clancys. Low tide sat. night is 9:00 so 7-8 pm is a good time to hook
up and eat drink and be merry.

<font size="3"><b>6. </font><!--3--></b>I'm going down midday friday. Not sure who is going to get there when friday night. I will check
with my crew to see who get's there when. I doubt everyone will be there for dinner.
That leaves dinner Sat. night which we're eating out. So figure from there.

<font size="3"><b>7. </font><!--3--></b>TIDES: high tides will be
<b> 2:14am and 2:52pm on Sat.
3:03am and 3:44pm on Sun.</b>
With these mid afternoon tides first light will offer limited fishing being 3 hours on the outgoing. A
4:00 am trip to W. Dennis beach could be productive. Yo Juro how are the Herring and Swan
Rivers 2-3 hours below high tide at first light? How about the Red River in E. Harwich Chatham?
Should we sleep in and concentrate on the mid afternoon high tides with maybe a night trip for the
early Sunday A.M. tide? I intend to fish the Sunday 3:44pm high as the last hoorah before leaving.
I'm not a guide and don't play one on T.V. I can show you my few productive schoolie spots but we
need to draw on our collective wisdom to get a good fishing plan. And of course compare notes Sat.
Night to plan Sunday. I may even stay over till monday just to rest before driving home.

Well lets hear it gang.
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