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Originally Posted by beau purvis
Chromedome,The machine you are using is the one I am talking about.Usualy there is a pin that you place in a hole of the amount of weight you wish to use.Take it out,move you legs so you see two holes in the rod that goes through the stack of weights.Then, put the pin in the desired spot in the weight rack.This will allow your leg position to be less than 90 degrees at the beginning position.This reduces the strain on the knee joint but does not deminish the ability to build all the supporting muscles.It is the same principle that should be deployed on the leg press.Never go down to 90 degrees.Too much pressure on the joint.BTW,my injured knee is as good as ever.Little less extension and a numb area,but never any pain and never think about it except that how amazed I am that I never have to think about it!Beau
I believe I completely understand now what you are saying and am beyond the 2 pin slot you mention. As I said, I was up to 110 pounds but today tried to push it up to 125 (the next slot down) but strained the knee at that level so went back to 110. And I see what you mean by not going the full 90 much as full squats (which I don't do) are not recommended probably for the same reason. Thanks again for your helpful comments.
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