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Originally Posted by beau purvis
I have had really strong legs all my life because of a lot of weight work.I do the leg press[which you cant do now].But,of more benefit[IMHO]are the leg lifts .The ones where you sit and the cuhsioned pad is across your shin,or shins, and you straighten your leg upward.That one got me throught yrs of basketball and skiing without ever having a enjury that resulted in any swelling of the knee.The key to not hurting your knee while doing this exercise is to lift the weight without the pin in a hole and put the pin in where it results in a gap of two holes.Less stress on the knee joint and still builds the muscle.2 1/2 yrs ago I was hit by a snowboarder which resulted in compression fracture of my right patilla plateau.Six bolts and plate now have taken up residence.I had complete atrophy of my strong legs.Once we got the range of motion close to normal this exercise worked miracles.When I started I could barely do it without any weight vs at times pre injury when I banged out the stack plus hanging on extra 25lb .This is the most important exercise in my life for my legs.EXCEPT-nothing beats wading in a rocky river.One year was preparing for a sheep hunt.A week on the lower Dean was the best thing I did!However the lift would be perfect for you because the bottom of the foot is not involved.Beau

Thanks for your input and I'm sorry to hear about your injury. A google search tells me it involved the upper knee area. I forgot to mention probably the most important aspect of my problem which is knee problems presumably due to arthritis. So your comment about knee protection is particularly valuable. The one gym exercise I do is very close, I believe, to what you are doing with that leg lift. On sitting in the chair I put my lower legs under a cylindrical cushion and the object is to lift that cushion. I go with more reps (15) rather than emphasize more weight to go easy on the knees. Right now I'm up to 110 pounds on the weight stack but don't try to push it in terms of increasing weight, only increasing weight if it seems relatively easy. There is adjustment to raise or lower the cushion and to adjust the position of the knees wrt the rest of the machine. I'm not sure what you mean by the pins and hole gaps etc. and your machine must be somewhat different. The second of the two machine exercises I mentioned earlier involves just the opposite movement where a cushion is under the lower legs and I have to push it down. While I do feel stress in my knees with both exercises, I feel that by going easy I'm not hurting anything. Something else you may wish to know (and to shorten the story) is that glucosamine condroitin has been like a wonder drug for my knees and back since it rebuilds the cartilage in joint areas. You may have read that the medical profession has pooh poohed its use but I think that why it works so well for me is that I'm also on a hefty supplement regimen that acts to give the glucosamine a boost. Like I said its too early to tell how much the exercise is helping but I do think I'm seeing some improvement. Even if its all in my head at this point, I'll take it .
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