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I have had really strong legs all my life because of a lot of weight work.I do the leg press[which you cant do now].But,of more benefit[IMHO]are the leg lifts .The ones where you sit and the cuhsioned pad is across your shin,or shins, and you straighten your leg upward.That one got me throught yrs of basketball and skiing without ever having a enjury that resulted in any swelling of the knee.The key to not hurting your knee while doing this exercise is to lift the weight without the pin in a hole and put the pin in where it results in a gap of two holes.Less stress on the knee joint and still builds the muscle.2 1/2 yrs ago I was hit by a snowboarder which resulted in compression fracture of my right patilla plateau.Six bolts and plate now have taken up residence.I had complete atrophy of my strong legs.Once we got the range of motion close to normal this exercise worked miracles.When I started I could barely do it without any weight vs at times pre injury when I banged out the stack plus hanging on extra 25lb .This is the most important exercise in my life for my legs.EXCEPT-nothing beats wading in a rocky river.One year was preparing for a sheep hunt.A week on the lower Dean was the best thing I did!However the lift would be perfect for you because the bottom of the foot is not involved.Beau
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