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Improvement of Wading Ability

I have never been a strong wader, seldom venturing out into the deeper or faster flows I've seen others tackle. Now the situation is even worse as I'm past middle age and have had two foot surgeries (bunions) that have decreased my balance. I try to get to the gym 3 times a week and sometime achieve that. During my work out I've included some exercises to build leg strength and hopefully improve my balance. Before the last surgery I was doing leg presses which I think are very good. Post surgery I've replaced the leg press with two leg exercises that do not involve the recently repaired foot since I still think it needs to heal more. On top of that (and all this is on the advice of a trainer at the gym), I do an exercise where you hold a dumbell in one hand then pivot the top part of the body forward and down while bringing the opposite leg back and up. The moving body parts are held in a straight line as I pivot about the waist keeping the dumbell straight down. I also try to balance on a balance board. Its too early to know if these are helping me but I'd be interested if others of you have taken measures to improve your wading ability and what you've learned. I might mention that when wadeability is a major concern I use Simms breathable stocking foots and aquasteath wading boots which gives me the best support as near as I've been able to determine.
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