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RE:Spring Run Clave site is up

Nice work! I like the itinerary. I would like to add two secret spots... one on the bayside, one on the south side - but they will be "eyes only" for clavers. (TIC)

Watch - with my luck they will be crowded and bustling like the MTV beach party when I take you guys there! Wet beer belly tee-shirt contest anyone? [img]" border="0" align="middle">


Even if my siblings are down the cape that weekend, I will have a place to stay. Let's open a spot right now and I'll stay over at Swan Pond. If the siblings are not around, I can handle two more spots. I'll keep you posted.

If we're doing hors d'uerves (sp?) on Friday night let me know, I'll bring something along... maybe some stuffed quahogs from Swan River seafoods or something. Another option is to go hang out at Clancy's bar and let people bring stuff to us... but that could put the dawn patrol on Sat AM at half mast. Were you thinking of getting together at your place then?

Will we have enough float power to make 1-2 mile runs on the bayside? If so there are some v-e-r-y good options I can suggest. I might tow down my driftboat which takes two anglers. Is there a boat inventory going?

Although sometimes my clients might not think so, I plan every trip based on possible wind, bait, tide, time of day, etc. The best laid plans... well, let's just say my last name should be "Murphy". Nevertheless, we should lay out a plan based on wind and tide options and react according to what dear Mother Nature throws our way that day. This eliminates confusion and maximizes our success during the magic twilight hours.

I'll see if there's some way to support sign-ups on this site. Al... <img src="[/img]
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