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RE:Spring Run Clave


Glad to have you aboard. Actually it would make me feel better too if it was a pseudo Clave or semi Clave since I'm not the Clave Calling/organizing type. I have a resource with 7 beds on the water in prime territory and we ought to make use of it. The place is largely empty till summer when my other siblings start fighting over it.
So counting you, we are one away from the lucky seven.

As it stands: Looks good for the house since most weekends are open in May. I'm thinking the weekend of MAY 5-6. The following weekend is Mothers day (forget angoring the gods...I mean godesses). The weekend after that is getting too close to proposed Bronzeback/NEC claves. So the 5-6 looks best; although, I could be pursuaded to do the later weekend for better fishing. What do you guys think? May 5-6, or what?

This looks good. We would have 3 boats, 7 guys, and I know Juro knows some good spots in that neighborhood (or any cape neighborhood for that matter).

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