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RE:Spring Run Clave

Glad to see there is some interest. Here's what we need to do to make it happen. 1st, make sure we are not crowding the Bronzeback Clave. Better to have, 1 good Smallmouth clave than 2 watered down competing ones. Next, I need to secure the house for the prefered weekend.
With only six slots available, I hate to be exclusive. It would be nice to have a wider clave if we could get another property with just a few bunks. I doubt I could make the house the Clave headquarters if it grows to a wider clave. It's too quiet of a neighborhood. But for those who do stay theres a comfortable bed with kitchen. We could do some good cookin.
If we do limit it to 7 that would be fun too.
BTW, (Bob)there is a free, quiet boat ramp nearby, and boats could be anchored out front as we have a beach. The mouth of the Bass River is a 15 minute no wake putt putt away too. We could also reach the bayside by car. 15-20 mins to Barnstable Harbor.

We'll talk.
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