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Spring Run Clave

Juro mentioned something about Clave schedules this year. I've been kicking around an idea. It's just an idea and maybe it will lead to a better one. I've been thinking about the Herring runs in the midcape area (S.Dennis). My family has a small cape on the water and I could grab some time in May. I could sleep 6 or 7 guys there. There's schoolies in the river in front of the house and access to the many ocean spots 10 minutes away. The 2 to 3 weekends before Memorial day are prime. It's actually 2 1/2 months from now. But food for thought. The fishing could be intense without the hassle of camping. Just thinkin. It's too close to the Bronzeback Clave for one thing. But if anyone had a similar setup midcape and could sleep any additional Clavers, we could have a low budget/high livin clave. Thoughts?

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