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Originally Posted by teflon_jones
I didn't say they're primarily a dry fly line. I would just be much more likely to recommend one if the original poster fished dry flies much because a DT line is a much better dry fly line than a WF line is. Much better presentation IMHO.

And the fast action rod comment was definitely balderdash because I put the wrong type of line in it. It's corrected now.
Might want to have a look at the specs on the SA site. Of the the three Mastery lines that may apply here, the GPX, Trout and XPS, only the XPS has any difference in front taper between dt and wf. Even in the less expensive Air Cel range there is not enough difference in taper to substantially change anything at short range.

These lines are AFTMA (or whatever it's called now) and should weigh the same in dt or wf at 30', so, as far as the fast action rod comment goes, there should be no actual (note that I said "actual", not "perceived") difference in loading between the wf and dt until you get near the end of the wf's rear taper, which is generally in the neighborhood of 35-40'. After that point, the dt's extra mass will load the rod much deeper.

Re fast rods and close in loading: even the tip on a so called fast stiff rod such as the 590 or 690 TCR is soft enough that it will cast, as Harry Wilson of Scott used to say, "zero line"--- nothing but leader if need be.

DTs these days are so good and shoot so well that there is no reason they cannot be used in salt water.

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