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Obviously fishing gear and fly are a different game. Success with gear is a loing way from catching slashing coho on a slider or popper. Nonetheless, I find yesterday's reports of gear caught fish encouraging. At a minimum, they confirm the fish are still out there and that they are getting big. I also received new reports today from the same group of fish hitting on the surface before they could get their gear down. These fish were in at Duntze Rock which makes me hopeful that fish are moving in. Again my friend reported large native fish up to 16 pounds. Accurate weight, I don't know, but the gist is they are getting large.

In any event, my last trip out we couldn't even catch a fish bucktailing! I am happy to start there to get the skunk out. We all know we don't drive to NB to bucktail, but if you can't find the fish bucktailing, its unlikely to get them on top casting.

I for one intend to keep the faith.

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