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Gear limits don't necessarily equal good flyfishing opportunities...

Originally Posted by riverrun
Got two favorable and very reliable reports about conditions in Neah Bay today. First received reports of birds, bait and silvers at the "J" Buoy this morning. Limits of "keeper"silvers for 5 people in two boats in less than 4 hours caught on gear from 20-70 feet down. ....
I'm not looking to put a damper on the fun here, but if you are looking to flyfish (as in cast flies to fish), you have to be a little cautious about these favorable gear reports. 2 weeks ago we were out there, fished hard, hooked a dozen or so fat silvers each day (bucktailing) but didn't hook a single fish casting. To us, fishing was crazy slow. I've been hearing the isolated "hot" reports of silvers all summer - and last year too. When flyfishing is decent at Neah, gear dudes get limits in minutes.

If you were fishing gear and/or just trying to bonk a limit in a hurry, then you would say we had awesome fishing because we released bonkable fish.

If you were looking for concentrations of fish that allowed you to cast flies (not gearfishing/bucktailing), then fishing was dead.

Anyway, we saw lots of bait and birds but we saw no cases of silvers pushing bait to the surface. We saw a couple cases of silvers sipping krill.

Just my $0.02

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