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Sean M,

Without a doubt you are the poster boy for good SBFT treatment, but it can't be better to take a fish out of water.

Your points about holding the fish from a death spiral are very good and clearly spoken from experience, but I wonder if there is some way of keeping them in the water? For instance billfish are now cut off with sacrificial hooks because of proven harm to the fish when pulled on board.

To me there is nothing more beautiful than a fish that is not removed from the water when caught. With all due respect there are so many pictures on the internet where the fish look like they'd been beat to a pulp before "release".

Your recent photos prove that fish can be landed with care, they look like they could launch from your hands back into blitz mode.

Yet I would think that a sacrifical metal hook and a cut leader after some gorgeous boatside photos would be satisfying for me during the SBFT no-kill season, again just my opinion.

If the opportunity arose I would vote for a no-lift rule during the SBFT no-kill season, no holds barred during it though as most of those are going in the cooler anyway. Kinda of a dumb statement as I am sure no such thing will come up for vote.

Again, this is not a statement of my prowess as a tuna hunter, experience is not the point in question. It is simply a fish handling discussion and some of the other adopted techniques whether pelagic species or pacific salmon might have some value during the schoolie no-kill season, in my humble opinion.

This is not a targeted debate, it's a general topic IMHO - seeing tarpon fought dead, billfish across the laps, steelhead on a boga grip... I believe it's not just our prerogative as anglers to care about fish handling, but our obligation.

I wish everyone took as much care as you and BigDave do!
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