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I don't know if any of the hook release tools would work. My guess is they wouldn't and here is why. If you do fight the fish quick and get them to the boat in say under 10 mins, hopefully well under, for a 20lb bluefin they are still pretty green at the boat. In my experience the angler, and hopefully partner, need to time the spiral they will get into so that the net arrives just as they are coming around. The angler does they're best to get the tuna's head out of the water and into the net. Get the fish quickly out of the net, paying attention to remove the netting from the fins, and remove the hook. We are usually talking size 2/0 at the most so it may take a second to figure out the orientation of the hook and therefore the best angle to get it out quickly. Snap a few pictures if it is a first fish or something important and get them back in the water. This whole process should probably be 30 seconds or less.

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