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Hey Sean,

No worries. Feelings not hurt at all and a valid question. I have caught a few on gear down in florida but not on fly. My feelings are just from reading the studies on hooking mortality.

I am not worried about that with guys like yourself who are concious of the fact that mortality can happen if proper fighting techniques are not used. You know the concerns which is the most important thing. Unfotunately it is not the case with most anlgers and hearing about high albie mortality just has me concerned is all. Most anglers I have seen fighting fish do so poorly. Saw some 30 minute albie battles last year in south county that you just knew the fish was not going to make it.

As far as release methods I really do not know what is the best method. I have always thought with all fish if you are going to release try and keep em in the water. Would a long pole with a cup hook on the end aid in hook removal while the fish is in the water? Worked with coho salmon out west and I would think would be a good release option for tunoids but I could be wrong.

I also know some of the bass I catch probably do die. Studies show probably more than 90% of bass survive with is better than tuna but I know it is a blood sport and live with it. I am more worried about big bass mortality as schoolies get landed so quickly I do not worry much about them dying on me.

I hope my post was not taken as being judgemental, it was not meant that way at all and my pot is as black as anyone elses. Discussion is always good and everyone usually omes away from it with something.

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