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Spring Clave: Final Answer?


It's Clave Week. Things are looking up weather wise!
We need to hammer out/discuss/vote on a few items to firm things up.
Since the weather has held off the fish we need to be fluid in our fishing plans.
Let's watch the reports closely and form a plan for where to fish in the forum here by thurs. Please give us some input.

<b>Official Clave Meeting site Sat. 5:30 AM </b>. : West Dennis Beach. GO to end of Davis Beach Rd.
on Map below (Bass River Jetty and Cul De Sac). If it turns out fish are at
Falmouth or Race Point, we can change the plan. But for now we need at least a solid meeting place. Thoughts?

<a href=" %2Frec-map_results&SNVData=njij9-g67%253bvdduvj%257c0u6%2Ccjtsc%2528z%2Cf7c3m%25280 %2Cc2j%257c59y825.3rs%253b_auuywh.q8k8%2529c2j%257 c59zbs1.q8k8%2529cw8%257c.062wqw%2C3iqcme5%257c%25 3brom6%2528.gv2js-%2524kdq%2528.xif1m88%253b%2Chxggm-eqej%253bxmwjs8%2524bcjsol%2540klqr%25280%2Crxhqje %253blibbdf%25245s34l9-Idlrk5%2524%252bT%2517%2524%252bF%2515&mouse_mode= zoomin&map.x=341&map.y=249" target="_blank"><!--auto--> %2Frec-map_results&SNVData=njij9-g67%253bvdduvj%257c0u6%2Ccjtsc%2528z%2Cf7c3m%25280 %2Cc2j%257c59y825.3rs%253b_auuywh.q8k8%2529c2j%257 c59zbs1.q8k8%2529cw8%257c.062wqw%2C3iqcme5%257c%25 3brom6%2528.gv2js-%2524kdq%2528.xif1m88%253b%2Chxggm-eqej%253bxmwjs8%2524bcjsol%2540klqr%25280%2Crxhqje %253blibbdf%25245s34l9-Idlrk5%2524%252bT%2517%2524%252bF%2515&mouse_mode= zoomin&map.x=341&map.y=249</a><!--auto-->

<b>Dinner Sat. night</b>: Need to finalize locale and Need a headcount to get a
big table. So far we've put forth:
Clancy's - 8 Upper County Road, Dennisport, 394-6661
They have typical $8.00 to $19.00 menu items. Good food. If you want to eat
cheaper you can but this is a good place. Any objections let us know. If enough
people want to change we will.
See the menu at: <a href="'s.htm" target="_blank"><!--auto-->'s.htm</a><!--auto-->
How about dinner at 7:00 pm since tides will be off?

<b>Lodging:</b> All full, nothing new, would be nice to house Mr. Estey and Mr
Pritchard. Otherwise you guys see cheap lodging section at:
<a href="" target="_blank"><!--auto--></a><!--auto-->

<b>Early arrivals</b>: high tides will be 2:14am and 2:52pm on Sat.
3:03am and 3:44pm on Sun.

I'll be getting there as close to midday Friday as possible to fish the mid afternoon
tide. My crew: we can coordinate boat launchings and warm up with some up river schoolie fishing?

<b>Sundays plan</b> will be decided at dinner Sat. night.

My cell will be on as much as possible (781)-690-1470

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