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Got two favorable and very reliable reports about conditions in Neah Bay today. First received reports of birds, bait and silvers at the "J" Buoy this morning. Limits of "keeper"silvers for 5 people in two boats in less than 4 hours caught on gear from 20-70 feet down. Reported that one native silver topped 16 pounds and that the smallest silver was in the neighborhood of 10 pounds. Reports were it was extremely rough today. Sounds like they may be late, but they are getting fat.

Also heard of hoards of agressive bighter kings taken in Makah Bay caught mooching in less than 20 feet of water. I know my 10 weight Hypersink can fish that depth with no problem. Kings are fun too!

I intend to try both of these fisheries this weekend. Even if the fishing is bad, Makah Days' fireworks are worth the whole trip. And then there is the bass, too.

Anybody other than NZ TB (aka Bass Master) going to give it another try?
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