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I see your point. I probably wouldn't have phrased it as bluntly as I did if I didn't consider Sean a friend. However, I personally think we should be able to directly challenge each other just like we would a magazine article or any other source of information. How else do we quanitify the weight we should place on the opinions given. Sean may respond that he has caught hundreds of yellowfin off in the Pacific and now his statement would hold a lot more weight. If he says he has never caught anything more than stripers, blues etc...then I won't place as much weight on it. I will still consider it in my continued efforts to improve my skills as an angler. I will tell you I have caught about 30 SBFT and Skipjack over the past two seasons all on fly and at least that many albies over the years. That is the basis for my opinions. If you include the other anglers catches I have witnessed both on my boat and on shore you could probably almost double those totals. Not trying to brag as I am sure there are others who have caught that many in a week. Just being honest and letting the readers know where I am coming from.

As for the 46" fish I cannot comment with certainty. Biggest fish I have gotten was probably about 32". However, that fish was landed on a 10wt and was full of vigor when it went back in the water. I personally think it really comes down to angler skill. I don't think Derek and Nat of First Light would continue to boat the fish they do if they thought they were killing them all. It would be great to get their input on this subject. However, I think we all need to keep in mind that we participate in a blood sport and there will be fatalities. My guess is I have killed more schoolie bass than big fish as they tend to inhale flies. Doesn't mean I will stop fishing if it happens. Hopefully I will get some shots at those bigger tuna this fall in CCB and give you my opinion based on personal experience rather than hypothesis. My hunch is you can land them in good health if you are in shape and have the technique down but I am questioning whether or not it will be an enjoyable experience.

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