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Jane you ignorant sl*t

I think it's healthy to challenge each other to get it right, but my feeling is that the direct 'what do you know' voicing seen twice in this thread tends to defeat the purpose of healthy debate.

Here's my point - healthy debate leads to sharper understandings among the observers and participants. Acrid remarks lead to more acrid remarks and a downward sprial into an unproductive and sour exchange. I should know

But I learn quickly. Enuff moderatin' ...

On topic I've been fortunate to catch a fair share of hardtails over the years, every single one on a fly and most before anyone publicly mentioned casting a fly to SFBT (which BTW is quite recent). During this time my observations based on my fish and those around me - hardtails croak themselves out quite easily, much easier than stripers or blues. You have to be careful with them as mentioned above.

SBFT in the big albie size look like good flyrod fodder, but I have to wonder how a 46" schoolie would fare when released after a flyrod battle, landed on deck. I'll bet a tank of gas it doesn't fare too well.

My earlier point was simple - maybe targeting them (casting to and battling shorts) during the kill season (Aug 25th - Sept 14th I think) makes a lot more sense. That way you can eat anything you hook, battle and land. Keep in mind that's just a point of view.

If it doesn't make sense to you, feel free to voice your objective points to the contrary in a civil manner as is the norm for this site.
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