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Originally Posted by sean
I know albie mortlity is really high as well. Higher than BFT. Would also like to see them kept in the water at all times if one is planning to release them.


How many albies or baby tuna have you caught? Not trying to start a pissing match but in my experience keeping them in the water would probably do more harm than good. I asked around from guys with a lot of experience this winter and they seemed to feel the same. The fact is you need to know how to fight these fish per Dave's point. The techniques for any tunoid are pretty similar in my opinion. Tight drag, let them make the first run and as soon as they stop get on em. When they go vertical trap the line in between your fingers to prevent drag slip and do your best to point the rod at them to get maximum lift. But you need to get the hook out and on the Albies and baby bluefin that is much easier done in the boat IMO. If fishing from shore even more difficult. Angler safety has to come before the fish and the locations we generally fish for them are way to dangerous to try and perform an in the water release. I generally use 20lb fluro these days and can put these fish in the boat in pretty short order. Very few have not looked energetic upon release. Yes you will always get a few that suck in the fly and get hooked deeper than you would like. I have to admit I have not given the circle hooks a try. I will on the albies this year to get a feel for them. I do use SC15s which are a bit of a hybrid and tend to get good hooksets in the corner of the mouth.

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