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RE:Spring Clave-*Blossoms in the Snow*-Update

I guess stay the course.

My schedule is open May 13th, but after that I'm going to be bussier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest (work travel x2 + wife's graduation). My first open weekend is June 10th (hmm, that date rings a bell). My biggest logistical proplem is getting the boat ready. The weather has made it virtually impossible. I did do some work on Patriots Day, but have more to do. One thing I did do was to dismantle the 2x4 tee-pee framing I had built to keep the snow from caving in my tarps. So guess what I came home from work today to, sure enought, 4" of heavey wet snow caved in my tarp! Worse case senario is that I'll be shore-bound for Terry's Clave. CUM-MON SPRING!
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