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Really a tough year. Tried again for 2.5 days with out success. I haven't seen a salmon jump, follow or crash a bait ball. Lots of bait balls when you can see them through the fog. Little stuff though, 1.5 inches long. Did talk to some down rigger guys who fished aroung Tatoosh and got 3 coho at 60 to 70 feet. Baby bait in them as well.

A guy on the radio called this month "Foggust". Pretty accurate. Lots of wind as well. Tried to go to Swiftsure two days but caution took over and retreated. My main fishing partner is a highly respected fly tyer and steelhead fisherman and I would be big trouble with his wife if I drowned him!

The rock fish saved the trip again. Nice size and decent numbers. Did get two small lings to the boat and had one take a rock and break me off. Harry had one toast him as well.

The whaler is still on the dock and the trailer is at the Cape so dispite all the doom and gloom, we will be back out next weekend.

I remain the "Bass Master".
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