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Spring Clave-*Blossoms in the Snow*-Update

Well it's no secret the wheather is in a long pattern of unseasonable coldness. We all know the striper migration has been stunted by at least 2 weeks and still counting. And, there is more cold wet wheather forcast for this weekend through Sunday. Not to mention, it's been snowing all day out my window. The best scenario would be: big warmup begins monday, stripers show up that week!
Barring that: it's time to see what everyone wants to do with the Clave. I'm open to all options, schedules permitting.


1. Wait till next Mon. then decide

2. Just go ahead and do it, damn the torpedos, trout fish the ponds in the snow if we have to.

3. Cancel it and never speak of it again in any language on the North American continent.

4. Reschedule to one of the following weekends: (this can be very hard and I know some people might miss, yet others can now join).

May 13-14: Mothers day is out,
May 20- I absolutley can't do due to a recital.
May 27- Memorial Weekend- doubt it, for many people this is a family weekend, but not out of the question for me.

June 3rd- Also too close to Monomoy Clave but possible.

Basically if the Monomoy Clave is real, we will be in cancellation mode. Of which I will go anyways and all are welcome to join me still, and those who want to cancel to preserve valubale fishing time (and home points) I understand.

Ok gang, thoughts please.

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