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big salmon's reports are a joke. remember this is a business where no one that works there fishes. they are desperate for business when fishing is slow and if one person tells them about a large pod of krill eating coho out at swiftsure... you get the report on their website.

plus, telling people to run 10 miles out through some of the roughest water at neah bay to find coho is just stupid... but par for the course for big salmon.

with the damage big salmon has done to the neah bay sportfishing community prior to the change in ownership, they deserve the poor fishing... but the great people such as gordy at the cape and the people who truly love the fishing at neah bay deserve much better fishing... and businesses that support them. big salmon is bad for sportfishing... whether it's kicking people out of moorage spots for not buying their water gas or threatening to kick the charters out of the marina unless we gave them 10% of our gross.

btw, i have issues with big salmon

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