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Good to hear you found them Greg!

I got a call on my way up to RI Friday to hook up with one of the local "old timers" and fish some rocks.

Bottom line was the kayak didn't get wet but I did get to fish some new and very interesting spots. Big bluefish and stripers to 26 inches with scary big stuff lurking in the shadows.

I finished up at Weakapaug Sunday morning just before dawn but it was pretty quiet - unlike the rest of the South County where there seemed to be fish breaking everywhere I stopped.

I did see an amazing site just after the tide turned outgoing. There was a migration of silversides leaving the pond that was of unbelievable proportions. It spanned half the width of the breachway and almost the entire depth - it was tough to see the bottom at times. I stood on the bridge drinking a coffee for twenty minutes and it was still going strong. When I passed by an hour later, the last trickle of the exodus was drifting by. There was almost no activity from feeding fish in the breachway but I'll bet they were having a mighty feast just outside the breachway.

Has anyone taken a close look at the peanut bunker - the one inch stuff? Oddly, the conspicuous black spot is missing from almost all the samples I've seen. Not sure if its a sub-species?
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