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ASR 2006

Hi Sven

I’m just back from my trip. I was great to see your dad again; it was just a shame that you didn’t make it out there too.

We had great conditions on week 32. The rivers were dropping back nicely and there was a great run of fresh fish. We were taking part in an experimental ‘3 rivers experience’ where you spend 3 days on Kharlovka & Litza and 3 days on Rynda and Zolotaya. It was fantastic to fish this vast amount of water that arguably amounts to the finest and most pristine wild salmon fishing in the world. Over this week around 260 fish were taken to 20 rods – experienced rods who put the time in generally took 20+ fish for the week and many fish in the high teens and 20s were taken. My best was this 25 pound sea licer taken from the Litza Upper Dream Pool. I had that on a thinly dressed Green Highlander bottle tube that took another 4 fish before I lost it on a careless back cast (no, not spey casting, but trying to reach a fish that was taunting me a long way away with a shooting head!). Needless to say I spent a long time looking for that fly.

25 pounder

Litza Upper Dream Pool

16.5 from Kharlovka Rock Pool

Of note, Zolotaya amazed those who visited as there were many reports of fresh MSW fish including 2 fresh 20s.

The next week was a youth week and whilst not quite as many fish came to the net, excellent fishing was had by all with some rods reaching the high teens. Again there were several fish in the twenties and I know of a sea liced 24 from Rynda. The story of the week, however, was 42 pounder from Litza. This fish took more than 2 hours to land and took the angler down 2 miles of Litza rapids. He met his Dad on his journey who promptly started offering advice such as ‘keep the rod up’. At this point, having kept this fish on for 1.5 hours the angler thought this advice somewhat unnecessary! The fish took a conehead Wille Gunn (a great fly for these rivers – never leave home without one, or sunrays or francis for that matter).

Now I’m back to reality and have a stack of great memories, photos and a slightly shorter GLX 15’ (which also had a couple of cracks in the blank which never developed, even after landing some 200+ pounds of fish after they were first discovered) to remind me of these great times. Roll on next year….


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