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RE:Trivia - biggest striper on record?

I remember seeing a bass mounted at Point Pleasant Hardware, in Point Pleasant, NJ... 128 pounds....
I have somewhere in my neatly organized files (NOT) a copy of some records from the Orleans Historical Society about a bass caught in the 1800's by a guy named Sparrow... on a tared codfish line on a drail... which was cast into the surf by swinging it around his head and letting it fly into the surf... I think the fish weighed 108 pounds!!!
I lost two bass that were seen by others one was over 80 pounds, and another was even bigger... saw it plain as day... I mean huge.. (100#s? maybe more) I had the fish in... almost, heavy rain squall, great fight (half hour plus) got the fish out of the current, she came towards shore, but instead of just doing what comes natural... I stoped to think... do I walk towards the fish... or walk back and slide her out of the water... during my thinking process the fish tipped to her side and my line hit a mussell covered rock, sad site to see this huge fish just slowly swim away... Went home with tears in my eyes... didn't even retie and make another cast!!! Everytime I close my eyes I can still see that fish.
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