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With all due respect you're right I am not clear on what you are trying to say; of course accidents happen but they occur despite what we adopt as guidelines for safety and proper technique. Also, if I agreed with any more zeal that the water haul can be useful from the windward end of a boat then I would resemble a parrot. The two points are separate and to keep blurring them only promotes pointless debate.

So if these two points are kept distinct we are in partial agreement - water load good; yet we can agree to disagree that hitting oneself bad even if it hooks a fish sometimes.

I can't agree that a fish is worth an injury, coming from a family of doctors and frequently discussing (with my brother the eye surgeon) heinous eye injuries from one-time mishaps; a single cast gone bad. In fact there is such a photo on R/T right now; mild compared to some my brother has shown me that he had to operate on.

I agree that a teacher might discuss water loading with shorter lengths of line, appropriate line designs and good technique as an option especially from the windward end of a boat. Even if it's not commonly presented as such. Your idea has a lot of merit.

However IMHO an instructor of any caliber should *never* use the pursuit of a fish as an excuse to compromise safety in casting.

Again the two are distinct points not to be muddied.

It seems we could go on debating this point forever, however I hope I am making myself clear that as long as these two points are not twisted together I have no need for further rebuttal and agree with the casting tactic you proposed.
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