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To be honest we very well may have discussed it that day. I don't recall either way. I do know we saw a lot of big bass with lock jaw. My wife tells me I have a selective memory, maybe she is right .

I don't think I have been perfectly clear. I am not saying its good to hit yourself. I am just saying it will happen. The water haul technique is one way of dealing with wind and as you eluded to there are others, such as casting out a little ways off angle from the target but then bringing the forward cast overhead to bring it back inline. All of these methods I would classify as high risk of hitting yourself. The point I am trying to make is be creative out there. Don't do anything stupid but don't pigeon hole yourself into thinking if it wasn't written in a book or taught at your last casting class that it won't work.

Couple of other points I think are pertinent to this situation:

Keep the false casts to a minimum.

It may be neccessary to utilize the water haul on each cast and possibly on both the forward and back casts.

If using a sinking line you will need to almost start picking up the line before it hits the water to prevent too much tension on the haul.

Be smooth in your delivery and it will be easier to pick up the line.

I have been very fortunate to fish with a number of very talented anglers over the years and have learned a lot each time out. As Alan mentioned one of the common denominators among them was the ability to dial it in when it counts. To me one of the thing that draws me to this game is that challenge of making the cast when it counts. Be it sightfishing or tunoids, any situation where time is of the essence and the conditions demanding will always be the pinnacle of our sport. No knock on those who prefer to sip whisky and ponder how to fool that one lonely trout for a half hour. That just isn't my cup...


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