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Neither Joan Wulff nor Ed Jaworowski cite the water haul as a means to deal with wind, instead they propose casting backwards in the lee of the wind - yet I do agree with you that it's an effective mechanism from a boat to deal with winds coming onto the casting shoulder as I have practiced this myself often as you may recall even on your boat.


I still maintain that there are certain considerations for those who wish to use this as an alternative to leeward casting:

a) the line must be kept short enough to prevent getting blown into you or the hull after the grip of the water is relieved

b) the line would be best to have a short head length (e.g. QD, Rio Deep Sea, Teeny series, etc)

In 99% of the situations where I have fished my boat before selling it the outdrive drag spins the bow into the lee in any measurable wind and casting from the bow is usually assisted by the wind blowing the line away from the deck and passengers.

The transom angler is the one that suffers from crosswind, and for him casting is either a formality as line can be released by drift or if sight fishing water loading can be an effective tool. I think we even talked about it on your boat, no?

In any case, I think you have a winner here. Without a doubt an approach to consider is water loading in a cross wind for overhead (or sidearm) casting.

As far as rationalizing the occasional bodily hit per your earlier post... well you'll have a much harder time getting me to agree to that under any circumstances!

Great discussion, and thank you I learned a lot from thinking it through.
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