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Yes you can position a boat to fish a rip or even schools of blitzing bass or blues. They stay up long enough to do so. But I have to disagree that these are always valid options when fishing for speedsters which is what I was eluding to. A school of skipjack crashing the surface at 40mph and staying up for 4 or 5 seconds gives you very limited options to get the fly in the mix. Couple that with the fact that you may only get a few shots all day due to boat pressure or just lack of fish and you are going to take a risk to get the fly there. Now of course you will do everything you can to not hit yourself but even the best casters will have mishaps. A very likely scenario is just miscommunication as the angler is expecting the wheelman to turn one way and he goes the other. Unlike from shore being able to cast using either hand is really no help as the console and helmsman are on the other side and you should not cast over them. In this instance, IMO, the best option is a series of water hauls and some chuck and duck. Would I argue this is textbook casting or the correct way to do it. Probably not. But I will say you do what you need to do get tight and I don't care if the cast has a name or not.

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