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thanks for the advice guys,

Scott - most of my FF has been salmon saltwater or ponds, i have only fished salmon rivers for Trout when the leaper has not been about using a 7/8 wt , hence the questions.

i think i will go for a 8.5ft 4/5 as the best compromise. I don't know what species they have in each one - rainbows & browns ?

Juro - i hear good things about that river, when there is water. I wasn't intending to fish the ponds. if so i will pick up another spool and WF5. i am more keen to learn something new.

your 'go to' flies would be interesting - i have klinks, hares ears, PTN's, Diawl bachs, caddis, hoppers and various small mayflies - dries and nypmhs, that i brought from Ireland.

prince nymphs and copper johns seem popular in Thomas Ames book.

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