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Line Help / Suggestions


I need help on the selection of a new (floating) fly line. I live in Nova Scotia in a rural area, and it is difficult to try multiple lines. I really don't want to get into purchasing multiple lines as a trial an error - any input would be appreciated.

This is for a fast action 6 weight, used for freshwater applications, some bass and trout. Most of the stuff I use is Size 8 - 14, sometimes a dropper, and foam flies (ants and such). On deadwaters / lakes, I cast moderate to long distance.

I have been looking at the Sci. Ang, they have a lot of lines :bass, expert distance, xps.

I don't do a lot of fine dry fly work, so am not really looking at the trout. The bass seems more like a shooting head, and if I do go for trout, it seems like it would have a splashdown that would be quite severe.

Anyone familiar with the Expert Distance ? They say it's good for longer ranges and larger flies, but no one really defines the terms.

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